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Our ingredients are carefully sourced and meticulously tested to ensure Refluxology is pure, potent and effective.

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100% Purity

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All our ingredients are clinically
researches and lab certified

FDA Standards

Refluxology is formed at a cGMP
certified laboratory to ensure strict
FDA standards

We’ve thought of everything, so the only thing you need to think about
is what you’re having for dinner tonight.

Why it works

The ingredients in each Refluxology capsule work synergistically to transform the food we eat into their most digestible form. Which helps maintain digestive health and keep our bodies free of the obstructions that cause acid build up.

Refluxology assists in the breakdown components of your meal. Including, sugar, starches, protein, and plants. This scientist generated formula treats the problem at the source.

We’re taking care of your body in more ways than one

Refluxology is formulated from just 3 natural ingredients, carefully selected because they offer systemic benefits to your body beyond just reflux reduction.

Digestive Enzymes
This powerful strain of digestive enzymes helps your body effectively digest each component of your meal. It includes cellulase, hemi-cellulase, lipase, invertase, and acid-stable protease. These enzymes help your body breakdown the hard to digest cells that can cause fibrous clots to form. Each element of the strain aids in the breakdown of animal based fats and oils, plant cell walls, glucose, fructose, and proteins. This variety of enzymes are particularly active in low pH environments, like the stomach, where acidity is high. This will support your body in maintaining proper digestion.

Acid Stable Probiotics
Bacillus coagulans is a spore forming and acid stabile probiotic that has been shown to boost immunity, improve digestion, produce enzymes and other metabolites that are crucial to maintaining proper function in the alimentary canal. This organism will produce enzymes that will break down food constituents that the digestive enzymes miss and will round out the overall digestive potential of the Refluxology

Is derived from the beneficial bacterium “Bacillus subtilis”. This complex has been a component of the traditional Japanese diet for over 1,000 years. Surfactin is a naturally derived bio-active molecule that works synergistically with enzymes to solubilize nutrients into their most beneficial form, help maintain digestive heath, and keep the stomach, pyloric sphincter, and intestines free of obstructions that can cause acid build up.

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