After registering my domain, and attempting to build the site from scratch, I never really made any headway with my portfolio site. I learned the hard way that building my website from nothing is not the way to go these days. What I was looking for way something dynamic, and easy to update, and not flash related. I realized that the best way to go was with a content management tool. I did some research and found that WordPress of all things best worked for me. I know the interface I know how to admin it and there are plenty of tools out there to really make it work.

I ended up using a theme from Graph Paper Press. I didn’t download it directly from them and their support from their free themes truthfully sucks but the them was nice enough for a static web page. As for the Pages with my themed samples I used a nice little plugin called GalleriaWP which allows me to have a nice dynamic gallery without have to do alot of coding…. I literally just upload the photos and it does the rest.

All That’s Left to do is create a substantial about page. ( writing about myself is quite difficult to say the least) and finish my other two categories. Once all that is done i will concentrate on creating even more work…


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