For me this issue has not been a big deal, however i understand that for some it is. I watched tea-baggers with a great deal of confusion. I didn’t initially understand where this anger was coming from. After seeing the signs and reading some of the rhetoric, of the Tea-baggers I started to understand what all the anger was about.You see, in my mind the health care debate was just a red herring issue that came to either represent, or mask people’s true feeling. I am going to the extreme first: racism, latent racism that is still quite prevalent in American society, and this fear that somehow an Black President is the downfall of American society. I could expand on this but truthfully i have not found the words quite yet to express my frustration with the implications of this theory.

My Second theory is the eye for an eye theory. What I mean is that there was a great deal of anger and ill-will towards our former President, George W. Bush, the anger towards him and his administration was justified, he passed laws and pushed through legislation that was vastly unpopular, and brought us into a vastly unpopular war. As President, he willfully ignored the will of the people in favor of his special interest and America suffered for it. The Tea Party first protested Obama last April for the “High” taxes, that he had absolutely nothing to do with. I feel that this was initially revenge for the vast amount of ill-will towards are previous President, but at that point that anger that the Tea Party harbored was grossly unjustified.

The third theory is the slippery-slope fear that government regulation will somehow lead to socialism. However if they fear government involvement in the live of the average American where were those same people when the Patriot Act was signed?

Now I agree that the government should limit it’s scope of what it regulate I think that health care should not be one of them. Let me paint a senario for you.

You are in your home, nervous, you have your door locked and you have your phone by your side, you feel as if you have been watched and followed for days, but you cannot do anything about it because your police protection insurance only covers assault, and burglary but not stalkers or peeping toms. Or how bout your home catches fire, due to the bon-fire you had in your yard and you get a $10,000 bill from the fire department, because your fire insurance only covers kitchen fires.

Can you imagine living in a world with privatized police or privatized fire departments, it sounds a bit ridiculous right? But why is basic health care privatized? Because it always has been, if you look at health care in the same scope as police or fire protection the fact that health care has been a private business rather than a public service seems unfair. If there can be a scope of basic emergency and preventative care provided for free, then America could be a healthier country. This does not preclude the ability to pay extra for extra services, just like you can hire private security , you could pay extra for extra exams.

I think that using government regulation to make health care more affordable is the beginning of moving toward a system where health care is a service that is there when we need it without have to worry about the cost much like the police or fire department.

The healthcare bill is more about extending a basic need to the whole of the American public, and not about control.


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  1. michaelscottmurphy on March 25, 2010 2:16 PM

    well written sir. i’ve never thought about health care in the perspective of a public service like police and fire protection.

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