-Microsoft Office costs $150
-Adobe Acrobat costs $150
-Anti-virus costs $39 Per year
-Anti-spyware costs $39 per year
-Font management software starts at $99
-Quicktime Pro costs $30
-Quality CD burning Software Can cost up $120

This Post can potentially save you $630. I have compiled a list of Software that is free and legal

I know what you’re thinking: “You can save me $630? Yeah Right” My answer to that is yes, yes I can. And I can do that one piece of software at a time.

Lets Start from the top, Microsoft Office I can offer you an alternative that will allow you to open and edit office documents as well as save office documents in the office format, has most of the features you’ll use. It has Presentation capabilites, Word processing, spreadsheets and more. It’s called OpenOffice.org and for Mac users there is NeoOffice. Download it, install it, use it. You’ll Feel right at home with it.

Next on the list is Adobe Acrobat. Now Mac users are lucky enough to have the ability to create PDFs built right in to OS X
Mac can do PDF Right out the box
For you MS Windows users out there is there is another way, actually at least 2 other ways one is PDF Creator, the other is CutePDF. These should get you on your way to creating PDFs for Kinkos or any other printhouse.

Now what about antivirus? I know you Mac users are asking: “I thought There were no viruses for Macs?” For the most part you are right, but now with Macs having the ability to run windows you too, Mr. Mac User are at risk. Also If you don’t have windows on your system you can transmit viruses to windows users. For the Mac there is one program to protect you ClamXAV. For you windows users you have several trusted* options: Avira AntiVir, AVG-Free, and ClamWIN.
*Windows user: always research antivirus software before you download it. There are a lot of scam artists out there creating Spyware that poses as antivirus all they really want is to get you Credit Card number and mess up your machine. The programs I listed are trusted. FYI Windows can only have one antivirus program at a time choose one and stick with it, or if you change uninstall the previous antivirus program.

On to Anti-Spyware. Now Mac users you can skip this section. Windows users take heed! Spyware can often be worse than viruses. Unlike antivirus software you can have multiple anti-spyware programs on you windows installation. The best ones are AVG Anti-Spyware, Adaware, and Spybot S&D. Protect yourself from web threats. Install this software.

Fonts slowing you down? Is it tedious to go through the list of hundreds of fonts you have? You just don’t have the money for a pro level font management program? Never fear, there are free alternatives. For Mac users this is a program called Linotype Font ExplorerX. It powerful and it works. I you open a document in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign and the fonts are turned off Linotype Font ExplorerX will turn the fonts on.
For you Windows users out there you will be able to use Fontagent Pro. It is in beta right now, which means it’s is free for a limited time and may have bugs. Another alternative is Font Xplorer which is may be more stable.

So you have that movie your friend “acquired” And you have no way to watch it? Have no fear VLC Player is here. It will play almost any video file you throw at it. Plus it supports full screen mode. Something that Quicktime Users will have to pay for.

Last but not least are the CD Burning programs. Now I know the Both Windows and OS X let you burn discs right out the box, but you don’t have control of how the disc is burned. That is why there are programs that let you you control how you burn a disk. For the Mac there is Burn. It is a powerful software that will let you burn discs in several different ways.
For Windows there is CDBurnerXP Pro or DeepBurner Free. Both work well and should get you on your way to burning you data to disc.

To Recap:
Office Applications

PDF Creation
PDF Creator

Avira AntiVir

AVG Anti-Spyware
Spybot S&D

Font Management
Fontagent Pro
Font Xplorer
Linotype Font ExplorerX

Video Player
Windows and OS X
VLC Player

CD Burning
CDBurnerXP Pro
DeepBurner Free

Hopefully you can use the money saved on this software to buy the software that can’t be replaced by free software.

Good Luck!


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