I am going to preface this post by saying a few things about me:
First off I am an atheist, This does not mean i hate religion, or wish ill will to people who do believe.
Secondly, ideally I am libertarian, but i vote liberal.

That Being Said, lets proceed:
Recently, I have having a conversation with an ex-girlfriend (who is religious, one of the reasons we are no longer together, albeit a small reason), about nothing of particular consequence to this blog post. Meanwhile i had the television on CNN, I was watching the North Carolina and Indiana primaries. In the midst of my ex’s and I’s conversation I had made a remark about the primary. She then Droped a bomb on me, “I am voting McCain”. My heart sank.

Lets put things in perspective. When I first stared dating this girl I was vehemently against religion, and found it completely unnecessary. Through dating her I had become more tolerant of religion and I realized that some people may need it for comfort, the thought of religion, specifically made me angry. On that token I had hoped that through dating me she would become more liberal. Now that is not to say that i didn’t have an influence on her like she did for me, it just wasn’t in an area I had hoped.

After that bombshell I decided not to press the issue as it would not be worth the time to pursue the conversation. I did however speak with a mutual friend of ours who both has faith but is liberal. I told him of the exchange between my ex and I, and her revelation of voting for McCain. I had told him that I was disappointed in her decision.
“Don’t you think that’s unfair?” he asked. I thought about it for a few moments before answering:

Don’t you get excited when you meet someone with the same political and philosophical ideals as you? Didn’t you feel disappointed when Bush was elected for the second time? Or when Hilary Clinton wins a state? This is no different.

He agreed

What would really be unfair is if I decided not to talk with her again, or treat her differently due to her choice. That would be unfair.

“indeed” he said

After that exchange I got to thinking about making judgments. Everyone says that judging people is bad, however I believe that everyone does it, and I am not one who encourages the suppression of many of our natural behaviors and urges. I do believe that there are ways to properly use or control those behaviors and urges though. I had come to the conclusion that making judgments about people in it’s self is not bad, but what you do with those judgments make it bad.

In the case of my ex, if I had decided not to speak with her again due to her conservative ideal that would make that judgment bad. However, because she is the same person she was before she told me of her decision, it would make no sense to change my behavior towards her.

What if I make a judgment on some I don’t know? In that instance, my judgment still holds no merit, Because I don’t know the person, there is not reason to trust my judgment, and thus I would to be neutral towards them. I would need to meet that person, then i can evaluate how I should behave towards/about them.

Honestly Judgment is a slippery slope. I guess the point I may be trying to make is that you may think you know someone but then they will say or do something unexpected. That does not mean you change your behavior towards them, because they are still the same person you knew prior to that surprise. Inversely if you know not someone reserve judgment til you know something substantial about said person.

It’s not an exact science. In Fact i am quite sure that my theories and philosophies have giant holes. Admittedly they are works in progress, but they are crucial to me to become the type of person I would like to be. The problem with my quest though is that I am human. More on that later.


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  1. Rafiki on June 15, 2008 5:02 PM

    All of us are on this journey for emotional and spiritual growth; this quest for greater understanding. I applaud your for beling diligent in your search for understanding and your courage for sharing your thoughts.
    Something for you to ponder – making judgements about people and giving a name to them or what they say or do (i.e.: ‘their narrow-minded’, ‘she’s stupid’, he’s not flexible’, etc.) are names we place on people or events from our human level of understanding. On a spiritual level we know that we are all the same, all on the same journer – some more advanced than others – and in this spiritual place there is no need to judge or blame.

  2. Rafiki on July 9, 2008 1:05 AM

    Thanks for sharing the Onion video on President Bush’s disasterous presidency. It was painful and funny at the same time, to watch.
    We were once the Leader of the World and other nations looked up to us. We produced the best, we were innovation in science, technology and medicine. We had many allies around the world. Now, we are not only hated by those who have a Ji Had against America, but we are laughed at by the rest of the World. He exploited our resources and our talent. He allowed our infra-structure to deterioate because he put is incompetent friends in positions thay didn’t have the brains to handle.

    George W. Bush has done the same thing that his grandfather, Sheldon Bush, did in World War II. Sheldon Bush made his fortune supporting the German’s in the War.
    Bush did the same thing to the American people – started a War with a lie, and he his rich cronies have made a fortune at the expense of the American people, our military and their families.

    He should have been impeached. CAn’t wait for his sorry ass to go back to Texas.

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