OK so. I wanted to learn CSS. I thought it would be a challenge because my understanding of plain HTML is rudamentary at best, but I decided to see if I can figure it out.

BTW, the primary purpose of me figuring out CSS is to create or edit a wordpress theme. so I can eventually have my own site with my own domain, that being said here we go.

Okay so the way I generaly learn things is the hands on approach. SO I opened Dreamweaver, and tried every example that the tutorial I found had, so I can see what the code did. I found that CSS is very simple to understand infact to me seemed simpler than HTML. I also founf it to be very veritile. The only problem was that the tutorial was at times too simple, I was lucky enough to have David Novotny around to help me figure out some more in depth features.

So there was my adventure with CSS….



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