This is Paraphrased from the book Classics of Western Philosophy, Fifth Edition, edited By Steven M. Cahn.

While looking at this book I happed to the section where some of Nietzsche’s writings were and I read the introduction.

God is Dead– Meaning we cannot perceive things as they are in themselves. We can only believe things based on how we are conditioned by our own point of view. (A.K.A) Perspectivism– We have no access to any timeless truths about our own essence as humans. It is pointless to try to find a “proper way to be human”, or a fixed table of values that determines good or evil for all people at all times, in the end it is up to US to create our own values in life.

His Ideal person- one who is freed from “Craving for metaphysical comfort“; one who understands that “truth” is a “a mobile army of metaphor” that is always subject to revision.

I bring this passage up because In recent years I have been looking a lot at religion and spirituality, specifically my religion and spirituality. When I think back to my youth, I don’t remember anything I learned in church; I suppose I wasn’t being taught effectively, inversely i guess i didn’t learn anything cause I just didn’t want to be there. Now I did go there long enough to absorb the basic principles taught in the church but it was also long enough to to realize that almost no-one in the church were living by those principles. When i was in high school, the church I went to already had two strikes against it, 1 it was church, 2 it was excruciatingl boring; the realization of the hypocracy was what sent me over the edge. I knew I wasn’t to go to church anymore. My frustration with the church in which I grew up, plus coupled with the aftermath of 9/11 (I am referring to the sudden religious explosion of this nation), grew to anger with religion, specifically christianity.

I could go deep into why i was but thats not important. When I started college I dated a girl who was immensely religious, and through her I eventually became tolerant toward religion. For a time I even considered myself spiritual without religion. At thought at that point that there was not one god but things that happened to the world around us was the direct result of the collective desires of people. recently while I haven’t rejected that i am reluctant to prescribe to that thought.

For a while though I had fell out of thinking on religious and spiritual matters, mainly because it caused a rift between my and my the girlfriend. but once we broke up I started watching Dr Dino seminars on the religious channels, mainly due to my perception of the ridiculousness of his arguments against evolution. Watching him got me esciencially thinkng about my beliefs again. In the past year I have discoverd Richard Dawkins and I have discoverd what libertarianism is It’s been a wonderfull experience.

What I have come up with is that I am agnostic with leanings toward atheism.

There is more to talk a bout but I will reserve it for a further post.


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