What is the past tense of squeeze?

Now The dictionaries say that the past tense of squeeze is squeezed, But honestly it sounds strange to me. Think of the word freeze, the past tense of the adjective is frozen, and the past tense of the verb is froze (at least i think it is). so It stands to reason that he past tense forms of squeeze should be squoze and squozen.


“I squoze the bread because I wanted to see if it was fresh.”


“I couldn’t buy the last loaf a bread because it was too badly squozen.”
Call me crazy but it makes sense. I think that words that are spelled similarly should behave similarly.


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  1. aubris on March 10, 2007 2:25 AM

    youre so strange…I love it…
    and dude…its totally “squeezed.”

  2. james on July 11, 2007 5:54 AM

    i have also had this argument with people who claim ‘squoze’ is not a word.

    how does one account for ‘freshly squozen orange juice’, or ‘i squoze out the dishcloth’. I believe it is one of those UK english dialectical things, like burnt and spelt (not the grain, but the past tense of ‘to spell’). So maybe in american english it is illegal, but in the king’s english i think it’s perfectly fine 😀

    ps. i must say, the similarity with froze never occurred to me until i read your blog post.

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