Ok, so it’s been awhile since i have done any web based programing, so i figured I start easy by perhaps starting be editing or creating a wordpress theme, Boy was I wrong about the ease of that. I started by installing wordpress locally on my powerbook. But guess what i know nothing about php […]

What is the past tense of squeeze? Now The dictionaries say that the past tense of squeeze is squeezed, But honestly it sounds strange to me. Think of the word freeze, the past tense of the adjective is frozen, and the past tense of the verb is froze (at least i think it is). so […]

One Who “Knocks your Socks off” is known as a “Sock Knocker”. The act of Knocking ones socks off is called “Sock Knocking” or “Sock Knockage” This  post is the first of many language theory posts, I often make up words in my day to day life. I want to save them for posterity.