I know it has been a while since I have posted anything meaningful here, but now I feel that enough things have transpired that I can write a post with some meat on it’s bones. Here is a brief outline, to keep me in check while writing this, and to give you, the reader, an […]

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency

Here are a couple tracks I found on Last FM. They are chill.. and I like them Quite a bit Pogo – Alice Pogo – Lost Pogo – UnBirthday Pogo – Bread And Butterflies Pogo – Sing 2 Self Pogo – Go Out And Love Someone Pogo – Tunnels Pogo – Anna Pogo – Dot’s […]

This is the new Look of my blog…. I am still tweeking the minutae, but I like it so far. Where I am right now is the 8th note in the UWM Union. On to the random thought,

Ok the title has nothing to do with what I am writing, I just got tired of using brain vomit. ((A Little side note this latest entries have just been periods of free writing with no purpose, it is my innermost thoughts, and I use the blog writing process to reconcile what i am thinking […]

There are spans of time where I can be quick witted and witty overall (well as witty as I imagine myself to be) and then there are spans of time where I am just a quiet observer. It is those time where I wonder why I hit those quiet points, is it related to what […]

Imagine this; Something changes, it personally affects you, or someone close to you. Your first reaction is to resist it. you get angry, you get indignant, you make noise…”maintain the status quo” you shout, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s how it is. You’re myopic, you can only see the side of things […]

OK so. I wanted to learn CSS. I thought it would be a challenge because my understanding of plain HTML is rudamentary at best, but I decided to see if I can figure it out. BTW, the primary purpose of me figuring out CSS is to create or edit a wordpress theme. so I can […]

What is the past tense of squeeze? Now The dictionaries say that the past tense of squeeze is squeezed, But honestly it sounds strange to me. Think of the word freeze, the past tense of the adjective is frozen, and the past tense of the verb is froze (at least i think it is). so […]

The Urban Dictionary describes a blerd as such: Blerd: A combination of the words ‘Black’ and ‘Nerd’. In essence a black nerd. First used in this context by Dr. Turk on the TV show Scrubs. “I spent all weekend talking to my cousin who just so happens to be the world’s biggest ‘blerd’. {pause} That’s […]